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For the SAL B-5, I've combined some of the Speedwitch set for SAL steel boxcars, with Champ data for 40-ton cars. 'Course this may be moot: has Sunshine released their B-5 kit yet? If so, see Jim Hayes's note in this thread.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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A little known fact is that Sunshine sells their decals separately. $3 for
one color decals plus $1 for each additional color. And there's no postage
charge for decal only orders. Go to
to find your model and look at the flyer for it, then go to the Contact
Sunshine page for ordering info. I know that at least the NP boxcars have
been done by Sunshine. Unfortunately the NP monads are separate decals for
the red and black so those decals will cost you $5.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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I am currently on a boxcar building binge and I am looking for decals to
complete some specific cars as they roll through the paint shop in the next
couple of months. The cars I am building are HO scale and the period being
modeled is September 1950. I have looked through the available Microscale,
Odball and Champs sets. I can piece together champ decal sets to come up
with much of what I need but if there are specific sets produced from others
that would be a better fit for these particular cars that is even better. I
am looking for decals for the following cars and would appreciate any
Northern Pacific 14000 series double sheathed 40 foot 40 ton boxcar.
Northern Pacific 20000 series single sheathed 40 foot 50 ton boxcar.
SLSF Frisco 14700-14800 series single sheathed 40 foot 50 ton boxcar.
SAL 14000-16000 series B-5 single sheathed 40 foot 50 ton boxcar.
C&O 12000 series Rebuilt Steel 40 foot 40 ton boxcar.
Thanks for any ideas.
Shay Stark

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