Re: NYC box car that went far...

Tim O'Connor

Wasn't CASO affiliated with the NYC? Could the car have
been loaded on CASO rails in Ontario?

Tim O'Connor

At 10/29/2009 11:18 PM Thursday, you wrote:
"steve l" <> 10/29/09 9:27 PM >>>
On the CN main line in Houston, BC, summer 1950.--;id=37

Steve Lucas.


Interesting photo, but I'm sorry, there is nothing surprising about
finding a NYC boxcar "far from home". Its late and I'm tired and so I'm
probably cranky, but how often do we have to say this???? Boxcars
basically operated in a national pool... OK, so this car is in Canada
and thus US car numbers would be lower, but since NYC has one of the
largest boxcar fleets in North America, there should be little surprise
that one would show up almost ANYWHERE on contiguous rails. The car is
most likely carrying a shipment from the US to BC, but that shipment
could just have easily originated in Seattle or anywhere else as
somewhere on NYC rails.

Bruce Smith
temporarily and grogily from Naperville Il

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