Re: [CDN-frt-cars-n-ops] 8 Hatch Canadian Reefers

There was a three part article on "Canada's eight-hatch iced refigerator cars" in Railroad Model Craftsman Dec. 1995, Jan. and Feb. '96.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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Dale--Few of these cars were built before WWII. Both freight and express reefers were covered in an extensive series of articles in RMC a number of years back.

Steve Lucas.
Steve & Group,

Is the RMC series on these reefers, or on reefers in general. I have some reefer info, but it does not mention these 8-hatch cars. Which RMC issues (approximate)? My last attempt at the on-line index was less than successful. (one hit for Culotta)

There are quite a few 42'6" cars in the '43 ORER for the Canadian roads that look to be recently built. Any chance these are the cars?

DAVE Evans

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