Wright Trak M53/M53A

Jim King


I was blown away by the fact that the model is set up to allow the
Duryea underframe to WORK! (if the modeler choses to do so) I think
that is an HO scale production first - isn't it?


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

Bruce . I designed the Duryea centersill as a separate piece that truly does
ride only on the crossbearers and bolster pad, a first in the industry (I
think). It even has the 10 "wear plates" that keep the centersill from
rubbing the various crossbearers and bolster webs. The only things missing
are springs on each side of the bolster/truck pad that would fit inside the

As far as I know, this is a first time for the post-WWII Youngstown door and
the M53A class, easily distinguished from the M53 by a twin row of rivets
along the roof's rounded corners and a rivet strip across each end
signifying a 2-panel construction instead of the single panel on the M53.
The M53A was built in 1941; the M53 in 1937.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.


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