Re: NYC box car that went far...

Robert kirkham

A couple of thoughts on that:

I think Bruce's point is that it needn't have been loaded on NYC or an affiliate. It could have been loaded on any line in any state. Of course, if rules were followed, the choice of route and destination were limited because of tariffs and other regs. re crossing the border. I certainly don't have a good handle on those rules. One of the rules I don't have any insight into is how the "shortcut" for US traffic heading between the Atlantic seaboard and the Mid-West across southern Ontario was dealt with in terms of customs tariffs etc. I wonder if it may have been defined with some sort of loop hole that allowed certain types of traffic to move all the way to the west coast within Canada. Idle speculation on my part until I do some research, of course.

Another point - my comments in an earlier e-mail about NYC traffic on the west coast relate to photos of CPR tracks in Vancouver. This shot is of CNR tracks several hundred miles north (on the line between Prince George & Prince Rupert). Assuming a west bound load, I suppose port traffic might explain that car there.

But really it is very hard to get beyond guess work.

Rob Kirkham

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Wasn't CASO affiliated with the NYC? Could the car have
been loaded on CASO rails in Ontario?

Tim O'Connor

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On the CN main line in Houston, BC, summer 1950.--

Steve Lucas.


Interesting photo, but I'm sorry, there is nothing surprising about
finding a NYC boxcar "far from home". Its late and I'm tired and so I'm
probably cranky, but how often do we have to say this???? Boxcars
basically operated in a national pool... OK, so this car is in Canada
and thus US car numbers would be lower, but since NYC has one of the
largest boxcar fleets in North America, there should be little surprise
that one would show up almost ANYWHERE on contiguous rails. The car is
most likely carrying a shipment from the US to BC, but that shipment
could just have easily originated in Seattle or anywhere else as
somewhere on NYC rails.

Bruce Smith
temporarily and grogily from Naperville Il


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