Re: EJ&E box car decals?

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

Thanks, Tony! That makes the green EJ&E cars good for many folks on this
list. And if the statements that the orange over green cars came along in
1952, that makes the absence of all of these EJ&E box cars on the market as
all the more of a mystery!

BTW, nice job on the data for the article in RPCyc. I never knew there were
black SP gons in that group of cars!

Elden Gatwood

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Gatwood, Elden wrote:
Also, I understand the earliest green box cars on the EJ&E happened
right after delivery of their Baldwin DT 6-6-20 center cab diesels,
which was in what year? And is this a true statement?
I don't know for sure if this statement is true, but the 1948 EJ&E box cars
do appear to have been solid green, and most of the center cabs were
delivered in 1948 (the first was built in 1946).
Whether there may have been earlier all-green box cars, prior to 1948, I
don't know.

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