1947-era Covered Hopper Question

Ralph <cnjlv@...>

Please excuse a question that may be very sophmoric as well as being burried somewhere within the message archives, but I was wondering if someone could enlighten me to the use of covered hoppers in food stuff service, circa 1947.
I realize that covered hoppers go back to the late 1930's, but were typically used to haul chemicals and cement, not grains, as they have been almost exclusively since the 1960's.
The issue is this - I have a friend who wants to model a brewery circa 1947, so would ANY of the incoming grain/malt/barley have been delivered in covered hoppers, or would it have all still been transported via boxcars? The RR in question is the NYC, the locale New York City.

Thank you,

Ralph Heiss
S. Plainfield, NJ

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