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Garth Groff wrote:
In Jim Harrison's SACRAMENTO NORTHERN GALLERY there is a photo taken circa 1956 of a short train at Lake Temescal near Oakland, California. The first car in the train is a GTW 8-hatch reefer. I thought it was a CN car until I put a glass on it last night and could barely make out the GTW reporting marks and herald. What it was doing in California is anyone's guess, but the train is eastbound, so it is probably and empty going home. All this shows that these 8-hatch cars are appropriate for U.S. modelers, and that the cars could even turn up on a road as small as the SN.
Garth, by far the predominant use of those 8-hatch cars was for export meat, either to Canadian ports to go overseas, or to the U.S. You're right about the empty probably going ;home. There are photos of these cars in Los Angeles in the early 1960s, again presumably delivering meat. We tend to think of reefers as handling produce, and of course that happened in Canada too, but usually in conventional end- bunker cars, not the 8-hatch cars.

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