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charles slater

Martin usually doesn't sell the decals from the new kits for about a year. When a decal runs out sometimes it means the end of production for that kit because of the minimum order required to have them reprinted. Your best bet is to tell him you ruined the set you have for one of his kits and he will sell you another one to replace it.

Charlie Slater

Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 09:35:34 -0800
Subject: RE: [STMFC] Re: Looking for decals

Sunshine decal only orders are faster. Occasionally only a month. I don't
know of any restriction on buying decals from new kits.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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Thanks Al and Jim.

That figures, I am just wrapping up scratchbuilding the sides for my B5 and
the kit is announced. Wonder if Martin will sell me decals for his newest

I am glad to know that there is a posibliltiy to get decals from Sunshine. I
will check with them and see wwhat I can get. I just hope decals don't take
six months to get.

Thanks again.

Shay Stark

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