Re: Are We All Just a Bunch of Masochists?

William Keene <wakeene@...>

Hi Group,

I have -- or had might be a better word -- a plan that I put in place
some years ago. I allow only one shelf for unbuilt kits. When that
shelf is full that means that a kit has to be built or sold off before
another can be purchased. This plan worked well for a several years. I
was actually able to stay ahead of the volume of incoming kits because
the stored ones were being built and added to the operational fleet.
Then I fell off the wagon... err... flatcar, gondola, whatever... and
now have kits stashed in various closets and cabinets around the house.

Yes, I am still building kits, but the incoming supply is arriving
faster than the erection shop production. And taking time to build a
layout has not helped the situation at all.

"Hi, my name is Bill. I buy kits of steam era freight cars... resin

Bill Keene
Irvine, CA

On Nov 4, 2009, at 10:56 AM, Rob & Bev Manley wrote:

Dave, you are not alone,
I can help.
If any of those addictions are Burlington or Rock Island I would be
happy to share your pain.

Signed: No chance of recovery in South Holland
Rob Manley

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Me: "Hi, My name is Dave. I buy kits of steam era freight cars...
Audience: "Hi Dave".
Me: "I started slow, buying just a few and actually building the
kits, but
as time went on I was buying more and more".
Audience: Nods and mutters of personal awareness.
Me: "Now I just buy and store 'em with no thought of ever building

And so on.
Sound familiar?

Actually, I do have a purpose for my kits and that is as a hands-on
of information that I can use to reproduce that car in 3d cad for
use in
train simulator software.

Dave Nelson

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