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Sorry, Fred, I did not add that grain on the PRR was shipped in box cars. I
have several photos of PRR cars with grain doors fitted, in that service.
PRR also used box cars, fitted with temporary grain doors, and extra sealing,
for flour, also. I have color photos into the 60's of PRR box cars covered
in white flour. PRR did not start using covered hoppers in grain, barley
malt, flour, etc, until the late 50's, or 1960 (the latter I think) when they
bought some Airslides, and then in 1964 or so, they bought a bunch of high
cube covered hoppers specifically for grain, and other food products. The
H30, H32, H33 and H34 were all bought for cement, sand, chemical additives,
and other non-food products.

Elden Gatwood

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I need to ask at this point >>> in 1942, Scully yard on the
Panhandle had 6 tracks added on to for the purpose of inspecting grain
shipments before passing through Pitts. area. If I understand you, the PRR
did not use their equipment for this purpose. Now I question what cars were
used in the grain business from 1942 to 1954. Off line covered hoppers appear
to be the right idea; eg: SP, GN, UP, and midwest RR's. Anyone care to
enlighten me, and others who may still wonder.

Fred Freitas

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I cannot tell you with certainty, but for comparison, the PRR did not haul
food products in covered hoppers until much later, and only then, in giant
new covered hoppers like the PS-2CD.

Elden Gatwood

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Please excuse a question that may be very sophmoric as well as being burried
somewhere within the message archives, but I was wondering if someone could
enlighten me to the use of covered hoppers in food stuff service, circa 1947.

I realize that covered hoppers go back to the late 1930's, but were typically
used to haul chemicals and cement, not grains, as they have been almost
exclusively since the 1960's.
The issue is this - I have a friend who wants to model a brewery circa 1947,
so would ANY of the incoming grain/malt/barley have been delivered in covered
hoppers, or would it have all still been transported via boxcars? The RR in
question is the NYC, the locale New York City.

Thank you,

Ralph Heiss
S. Plainfield, NJ

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