Re: 8 Hatch Canadian Reefers

Tim O'Connor

Tony, wouldn't a load from Canada to California be counted
as an "export" from Canada?

Alberta is Canada's answer to Texas: beef and oil exports.

The Grand Trunk Western is a US railroad, so that GTW reefer in
California could have been hauling meat products from anywhere in
Michigan, Indiana or Ohio (AAR DISTRICT #15), on any one of 29
class 1 railroads, in 100% compliance with AAR car loading rules.

Tim O'Connor

P.S. GTW's "home districts" did not include Chicago IL, which
seems kind of odd to me but what do I know?

Remember CN was GTW's parent, and the car may have been
loaded on CN somewhere. I don't know why meat would be shipped to
California for export, as Canada has perfectly good ports on both
sides of the country. All the CN cars in the ORER with overhead tanks
are AAR RAMH cars, meaning they are meat cars and have brine retention
tanks, beef rails, and heaters.

Tony Thompson

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