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Anthony Thompson <thompson@...>

Tim O'Connor wrote:
Tony, wouldn't a load from Canada to California be counted as an "export" from Canada?
Of course, but as I understood Garth Groff's question, he was asking if the car had come to California to be exported, i.e. beyond California.

The Grand Trunk Western is a US railroad . . .

Yes and no. There was a Grand Trunk Western Railroad Company, and a Grand Trunk Railway System (lines in the U.S. east of the Detroit and St. Clair rivers). Both were CN-connected, but Tim is right that we usually think of the GTW. In 1953, the GTW had about 9800 freight cars, only 230 of which were reefers; at that time, none were shown as all-steel cars having overhead ice tanks. The same was true in the January 1958 ORER.

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