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I have an HO resin kit for a streamlined CPR 2200-series coach (built 1950) that I'm working on in the hotel room while away from home. Separate roof, sides, ends, floor, and the whole body has to be sanded after filling gaps to get a smooth side/roof joint. Being sure to true everything up square of course. I'm not totally happy with the moulded floor that comes with the kit, and am considering making a new one of 1/16" acrylic sheet for the base. And then the kit's vestibule end isn't as good as I'd like, and it just calls for an interior. The trucks on the prototype coach had a different shock absorber arrangement than the kit has (another change to be made). Drawings and photos of the real thing spread out all over the hotel room table. Now, this is getting really INVOLVED.

All of a sudden, resin STMFC's are much, much, simpler to build than this, even with resin-bashing...

So, about that "masochist" thing... :)

Steve Lucas.

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Too familiar....

I have dreams in which I am building resin kits...difficult kits.

Then I wake up in a cold sweat.

Elden "fallin off the wagon" Gatwood

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Me: "Hi, My name is Dave. I buy kits of steam era freight cars... resin
Audience: "Hi Dave".
Me: "I started slow, buying just a few and actually building the kits, but as
time went on I was buying more and more".
Audience: Nods and mutters of personal awareness.
Me: "Now I just buy and store 'em with no thought of ever building them".

And so on.
Sound familiar?

Actually, I do have a purpose for my kits and that is as a hands-on example
of information that I can use to reproduce that car in 3d cad for use in
train simulator software.

Dave Nelson

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