Re: NYC box car that went far...

Schuyler Larrabee

Maybe I'm not getting this exactly right, and I wish Terry Link would tell us
a more complete story, but I'd always been under the impression that many NYC
cars in Canada were due to the use of CASO to enter markets more easily
accessed by that route. I had also been led to understand that CASO was
"obtained" by the NYC for that exact reason. One example I had heard was the
routing of auto parts traffic from NY State and N.E. through so. Ontario via
the CASO to assembly plants in Michigan. There were also auto plants (GM at
a minimum) in Canada that routed traffic both directions. The PRR did not
have any such operation, but photos show decent numbers of Canadian cars on
PRR rails due to the large number of newspapers and other paper users (like
box plants) and lumber distributors served by the PRR.

Elden Gatwood
This could have worked in the other direction, too. Ford had assembly plants in Boston, and GM had
a major assembly plant in Framingham MA, served by the B&A.


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