Wabash 19000 auto box


I bought a Sunshine mini-kit for the Wabash 19000-19124 homebuilt double-door box with Superior doors. The intent of this kit is to modify the Life-Like (P2K) box. So far so good, and the Superior doors provided seem to fit perfectly in the Life-Like door opening, which is taller than Branchline et al. Probably not supposed to be that tall, but that's not what I am interested in. The notes in the kit allude to early Youngstown doors used in the lower range of this series, up to about 19050. I don't have pictures either way, so can somebody confirm this? The Wabash diagram copy in the instructions shows Y'town doors, but it shows end doors also, probably because it's a combined stenciling drawing that also covers another class.

I'm actually taking the Superior doors to do a car for a close neighbor of the Wabash, so it's be neat if I could also build a Wabash car with Youngstown doors.

Ron Merrick

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