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Jim King


Yes, Gary Wright told me he sold out the first run (78 kits) in just a few hours and could have sold more up until late Saturday afternoon. I'm now making another 100 and, based on our chat yesterday, at least 50 are already spoken for. He'll be at Milwaukee's Train Fest next weekend. After that show, he'll have time to regroup and start filling orders via mail.

The M53/M53A has been HUGELY popular; far more than we originally thought, which is a good problem to have. Even my S scale version has sold 167 which is great for the "secret scale".

Jim King

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Since I couldn't make it to Naperville, I appreciate the production sample pics you sent. I think the detail is superb and I dont see the problem with the ladders or any of the detail for that matter. The size of the photos show far more than will be seen on the track (especially in HO) but I would say you have done a great job.

From what I understand sales went well at the show. Suppose I'll have to get my order in. Congratulations on a job well done.

Robert Federle
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Then if you have a suggestion for an accurate ladder, I'll give it serious
thought to replacing the ladder rails with 4 dimples to drill for a molded

Jim King

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