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Thank you Jim,

I had a misconception there. It was lack of knowledge about the model and the prototype on my part. Thanks for clarifying that for me.

Robert Federle
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The underframe isn't operational, just highly detailed with a separate centersill and 10 wear plates. The c'sill does "ride" in the underframe's crossbearers but there are no springs to let it "work" (but there are pockets for springs if you want to add that detail). As far as I know, Kadee's PS1 underframe is the only operational u/f on the market but I really don't follow other mfrs too often .. got too many of my own projects to focus on.

Jim King

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In my previous post I meant to ask about the underframe. Due to a couple glitches with my e-mail provider I think I missed some comments. It was mentioned the Duryea frame is "operational". By that you mean the center sill rides inside the framework correct? Can you explain a little more about this operation? I am not well versed in the Duryea details.

Robert Federle

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