Re: 1947-era Covered Hopper Question

David North <davenorth@...>

<Now I question what cars were
<used in the grain business from 1942 to 1954. Off line covered hoppers
<to be the right idea; eg: SP, GN, UP, and midwest RR's. Anyone care to
<enlighten me, and others who may still wonder.
<Fred Freitas

Fred and Ralph,

Santa Fe fitted roofs with loading hatches to a number of 2, 3 & 4 bay
hoppers in 1945 for grain loading.

A total of 150 cars were so modified.

So covered hoppers were used in the immediate post war period for this
purpose, at least on the Santa Fe.

However, I'd guess that the majority of grain shipments on the ATSF were
still made by boxcars and as far as I know, covered hoppers weren't used in
any quantity until the PS 2893cft 3 bay arrived in the mid 50s.

Happy to be corrected, but I'd feel that modelling any quantity of these
roofed hoppers would be modelling the unusual in the late 40s period.

Can't comment on other roads.


Dave North

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