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There's a colour photo of GTW 206426 on page 68 of January, 1996 RMC (another photo of GTW 206476[?]on page 61 of Feb., 1996 RMC). It's an all-steel reefer, almost an exact copy of the CN cars. Page 69 of that issue has a complete table by Stafford Swain of CN overhead-ice-bunker cars and numbers in service at various dates. The 100 GTW cars, 206400-206499 are listed as being built in 1955. Pages 70/71 have HO scale drawings of these cars.

Id venture that the ORER data you cite is in error. This serves as a caution to those relying on ORER data.

Steve Lucas.

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Ian Cranstone wrote:
Tony, it's true that GTW had no steel reefers in 1953, but they did
receive 100 all-steel 8-hatch copies of the Canadian design built by
Pacific Car & Foundry in 1955 -- check that 1958 ORER again and look
for the 206400 series
For the series 206400-206499, the January 1958 ORER says
"refrig., steel underframe," as it does for the other reefers listed,
and as it did for all the reefers in 1953. Are you saying this is an

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