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I bought a Sunshine mini-kit for the Wabash 19000-19124 homebuilt double-door box with Superior doors. The intent of this kit is to modify the Life-Like (P2K) box. So far so good, and the Superior doors provided seem to fit perfectly in the Life-Like door opening, which is taller than Branchline et al. Probably not supposed to be that tall, but that's not what I am interested in. The notes in the kit allude to early Youngstown doors used in the lower range of this series, up to about 19050. I don't have pictures either way, so can somebody confirm this? The Wabash diagram copy in the instructions shows Y'town doors, but it shows end doors also, probably because it's a combined stenciling drawing that also covers another class.

I'm actually taking the Superior doors to do a car for a close neighbor of the Wabash, so it's be neat if I could also build a Wabash car with Youngstown doors.

I have not found any information showing at which car the door change
was made. I have not found a photo of one of the cars with Youngstown
doors, although I have several of the cars with the Superior doors,
all numbered above 19050. Twenty five random cars in the 19000 - 19124 series were sent to the Evans Co., in Plymouth, MI, to have
DF utility loaders installed in Dec. 1949 and Jan. 1950. The cars
were renumbered 19275 - 19299.

I did send Ron a scan showing Youngtown doors installed on one of the 18000 series end door auto cars that were built at the same time at the 19000's series cars in 1942.

Chet French
Dixon, IL

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