Re: Wright Trak CD instructions & Apple Computors

John Wark

Great point Bill. I just dug out the M53 kit that I purchased at Naperville
(great looking kit BTW) and sure enough, that mini-CD won't work with any
modern Mac with the auto-loading slot CD drive. Hopefully Gary will post
the instructions soon.

John Wark

On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 11:29 AM, lnbill <> wrote:

Denis & Gary:

My roommate at Naperville who used to work at Apple did note that the small
CD's will not work w/Apple computers so it will be important to have these
on the WT website for downloading. CogGHS will need to have these for their
"Vents" or have a link to your site for those instructions.

Although I looked at the Vent kit and do not think I need the instructions,
I would like to look at them just to make sure.

Bill Welch

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