Re: Available PFE Reefer Kits

Andy Carlson

On Friday, June 7, 2002, at 05:02 PM, Len Allman wrote:

Will Intermountain make these available in O guage as
well as HO? Hope so.

All the best,
Len Allman
Unlikely, Len. Intermountain has embarked on a collaboration program with some makers of moribund kits that have not sold well because of several factors; such as lackluster marketing, unavailability in painted and lettered offerings, or the makers interests going elsewhere. Intermountain has a good working relationship with their contract factory in China, with enough capacity to assemble everything thrown at them. Look for flat kits from Eastern Car Works, Tichy, A-Line, and perhaps Terry Wegmann's "PFE" co. Intermountain is buying parts (usually cast by the originating co.) sending these parts to China, where they will be assembled, painted, lettered, and placed in Intermountain packaging. This is an economical way for Imrrco. to bring new product out, and my understanding is that the originating companies maintain ownership of the tooling. These are being done as a one-time deal, though I suspect everyone would like to do re-runs if this effort turns out to be profitable for all parties.
I don't see how this would translate to producing new tooling in O scale, since these efforts involve quiescent existing tooling.

Anyhow, the deal with "PFE" may well go through, but as of this week, everything is still in the "negotiating" phase.

Andy Carlson

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