Re: Prototype Modelers Seminar Report?

Dave & Libby Nelson <muskoka@...>

For a variety of reasons, I was unable to attend either of
Sunshine Models' seminars here in California. There was one in Southern
California on the 4th, and one in Northern California on the 11th.

Can some of the attendees comment on the presentations and the
event in general?

Sunshine Models was our host (i.e., it was not a meeting of the the cult of
the personality).

Richard gave a nice overview of the design history of covered hoppers as
exampled by the ATSF fleet.
Gary showed us 60 years of house cars from the Standard railroad of
Harrisburg PA. The charts of the fleet population were particularly
no-host lunch.
Martin explained why you bring mosquito repellant when railfanning the SSW.
Ted compared real gons to model gons (I quite enjoyed this one).
Tom showed us Pullman sumps and ducts. Once you know what these things are
you start seeing a lot more in the photos.
Tony demonstrated how much slide projectors don't like his SP slides, even
if his audience does.

Much conversation between presentations. It appeared a good time was had by
all. And if my bag was any indication, Martin made out fairly well.

Dave Nelson

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