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Of course, Steve, time has to be part of the cost of anything unless it's a
labor of love. And even that gets tiresome after a certain point. Some years
ago I sold Sunshine and resin kits as well as assembled models at local
train shows. With the miniscule discount I got from Sunshine at that time,
It was a labor of love. But I was evangelizing for resin kits.
I sometimes wish I lived near Springfield, Missouri so I could volunteer my
time at the Sunshine 'factory' to help speed up the output.

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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I don't have any of Sunshine's mini-kits, but I'd venture that Tricia Lofton
has included the value of her and her husband's time in stating that
"Sunshine makes little or no money on them".

I know an MMR who sold very nice craftsman kits. Amongst other reasons, he
quit about the time that he realised that he was making less than minimum
wage on them.

Steve Lucas.

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Great suggestions Eldon. I look forward to reading more from others.
Most mini-kits recently have been selling for $10-$12 and yet Tricia says
Sunshine makes little or no money on them. How much would you be willing
pay for a mini-kit such as you suggested?

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon


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