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Paul Lyons

Elden Gatwood said;

Kits go for <$30, right?

Elden, you obviously haven't bought any new resin kits lately! $40 is probably getting closer to the norm, with many reaching close to $50.

Paul Lyons
Laguna Niguel, CA

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I look forward to reading more from others.
Me, too. I am sure there are many bash possibilities, if for a few castings
and some decals.

Most mini-kits recently have been selling for $10-$12 and yet Tricia says
Sunshine makes little or no money on them.

I would guess it is irrelevant how little or medium sized the kit is, it is
all in the time spent assembling stuff (castings, instructions, decals), and
$10 doesn't cover it. Kits go for <$30, right?

How much would you be willing to pay for a mini-kit such as you suggested?
Well, here's the thing. You can't charge more than $20, since someone has to
buy the basic core and extras (trucks, couplers), but you want to offer it at
a reasonable price, so folks will build them. And, the decals make a huge
difference; one color, minimial? Two color BILLBOARD? The price could vary
based on how much resin and how complex the decals, right? A mini-kit with a
few small castings and no decals could be $5. One with several (3-4) large
castings and two-color decals might be $20. Mated with a $12 body core kit
(Branchline) they have to obtain themselves, makes the whole thing sound

One final thing: With all the amazing little military model conversions kits
on the market (resin, etched metal plus decals), and RTR pre-weathered but
highly detailed and era-specific military armor models (like Dragon Armor)
out there on the market, why hasn't anyone in model railroading really ever
taken either of these ideas and run with it? Have you seen those little 1:72
Dragon Armor tanks? They are like little gems! Beautiful!


Elden Gatwood

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