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John Wark


Can we get a clarification as to what will be posted to the website? Will
everything that was on the CD, i.e. instructions, heralds, pictures, etc.
be available to download from the website? If so, that takes care of my
issues. I applaud you for trying an alternative to paper for instructions,
diagrams, etc. I personally prefer something digital that I can zoom,
print, etc. as I need.

Appreciate your fast response and taking ownership for the problem. I can't
speak for everyone else, but a fast fix to a problem is all we can ask for
when things inevitably go bump in the night. There's nothing you can count
on more than something going wrong when you try something new, especially
when hurrying to have a new kit available for Naperville.

John Wark

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Anyone having trouble with the CD for the WrightTRAK car should email me. I

will see to it that this gets taken care of. I am the one who burned the CD

and was not aware that the PDF was supposed to be on there and not the word

document. NO one told me different and I simply put the doc on there and
not the pdf. The pdf with the heralds and what not arrived too late and we
were not able to include that on the mini cd...This is our first attempt at

using a mini CD and we obviously have to learn how to deal with them..Sorry

for the confusion.

This is NOT Jim's fault so please don't bother him with requests for the
directions. This is a WrightTRAK project so get in touch with me. Jim is
our contractor for this and several of our other and upcoming projects.

We at WrightTRAK will be posting the instructions on our website so folks
will be able to get them there.

Also, if you contact me I will be glad to see that the instructions get
email to you.

Denis Blake
WrightTRAK Railroad Models

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There should be a .pdf on the B&O M53 mini-CD. The MicroSoft "Word" file
should not have been burned to the CD, only the .pdf, B&OHS stenciling
diagram and John Cantley's photo folder. I didn't do the burning, so
know what exactly got put on them.

Jim King

Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.



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