Re: Train Fest

Charlie Vlk

There are a number of small kit manufacturers at TrainFest and, while the Great Unwashed do attend, it is an important event for diehard Model Railroaders.
While it doesn't have the exclusive focus of people that already do resin kits that the prototype modeler events do, it is not focused on beginners by any means..... and since many of those guys already have all the resin kits it might be advantageous to get a table. There are displays by serious modelers, and increasingly has supplanted the old RICHTA / iHobby "International" show as an important show for Model Railroad Manufacturers. It is on the order of the Springfield, MA show (and I've been told the Oklahoma City one as well although I've never been to that one to compare myself).
Charlie Vlk
Railroad Model Resources

My hunch is that Milwaukee's Train Fest is targeted toward the general
public with very little to attract modelers interested in resin kits. At
least that's what I've heard since last year. Some year, I'll be at
Naperville too but not until I've expanded my HO offerings since that is the
main interest.

Jim King

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