Covered Gon/Flat Car Loads

John Hitzeman

For covered loads ----

Wipes, like the wet ones used for, well, you know ---
work great. Don't buy Huggies unless you want little
Teddy Bears and Rattles covering that large, industrial

Generic brands and 'Wet Ones", IIRC, have no pattern
embossed on them. You may have to check around - buy
the little sample packs, for example.

Or, maybe some parents or grandparents on the list
can check your current brand if you have little kids, or
grand-kids in diapers. ;o)

The paper "cloth" used for wipes is more closely pressed
when they're manufactured. They are also stronger when
wet - obviously. TP can disintegrate quickly, but it works
if you're trying to model a plastic tarp exposed to a couple
of years of UV damage.

When you've accomplished finding suitable "wipes",
or should I say "tarps", use Acrylic Matte Medium - the
same stuff used to glue down scenery - and brush it over
the wipe/tarp covered load. You may want to put on two coats.

The other nice thing about wipes is that the "solvent" that
makes them wet usually has a little alcohol in it - this "wets"
the surface for you when applying the Matte Medium and/or
white glue.

Matte Medium will reduce "fuzzing" and also stays
somewhat flexible in case you need to wipe dust off
your load(s) later.

It also accepts paint nicely, including Floquil if airbrushed.


John Hitzeman
Our 27th Year!
St. Louis, MO

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