Re: Masochism: The Building of a Sunshine Standard Brands Vinegar Ta

Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...>

         These are the kits that require prescription meds.
Viagra --------- to keep your neck straight while manipulating small parts.
Prosac --------- to maintain a joyful attitude toward the project.
Valium ----------to relax once you put the tweezers down.
Thorazine ------to keep you quiet the rest of the night.
Failing to have the above items; try something about 120 proof before bed. That way you won't scare the family by swearing in your sleep. After 50 years of building railroad equipment my wife is certain I need all of the above, and a bigger magnifier to look throiugh.
Fred Freitas
dealing with resin disorder weekly

--- On Fri, 11/6/09, Tim O'Connor <> wrote:

From: Tim O'Connor <>
Subject: [STMFC] Re: Masochism: The Building of a Sunshine Standard Brands Vinegar Ta
Date: Friday, November 6, 2009, 3:50 PM


Can someone post a photo of the PSC #32110 stanchions to the
photos area? Also a photo of the PSC brake line brackets (#??)

Denny once posted some shots showing the brackets but they are
very small and I can't really make out the bracket design.

Tichy makes tank car pipe stanchions too, although I don't know
if they are accurate for any of the Sunshine kits.

Tim O'Connor

Pierre, that is exactly my plan. The PSC (#32110) stanchions are
pretty precise, enough IMHO to overcome the fact that they are a
totally different article than those cast resin stanchions in the kit
that supposedly replicate the prototype. I am also using PSC's 90º
pipe elbows.

Denny S. Anspach MD

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