WrightTrak/Smoky Mountain B&O M53 boxcar

Jim & Lisa Hayes <jimandlisa97225@...>

It's a beautiful kit and one I can finish. It's not going to be quite as
easy as it looks like at first but they seldom are. This is the first resin
kit I've bought that requests a butane torch and a drill press for tools.
I'll try to get along with a fire lighter and I hardly ever break any #78
bits using the flex-shaft on my Dremel clone together with my sewing machine
speed control to bore holes for grabs.

The box is very pretty but very small. I strongly prefer a Sunshine size box
or at least Intermountain size. I like to box my printed research material
in with the kit and that can't happen with this box. Heck there isn't even
room for a printed copy of the instructions.

I'm looking forward to starting this kit but I need to finish a few other
kits first.<G>

Jim Hayes
Portland Oregon

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