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Schuyler Larrabee

PSC has a ridiculously extensive line of eyebolts in a vast range of identified sizes.


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There are several types of eye bolts (wire & cast) that probably
could be "kitbashed" if needed to simulate various types of pipe
hangers that are not available.

I know some folks have griped about the size of DA eye bolts but
I actually have several different sizes from very small to rather
large -- and I think they're all DA parts. This is a big advantage
to buying from a hobby shop where you can look before you buy. :-)

Tim O'Connor

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Tim O'Connor writes-

Tichy makes tank car pipe stanchions too, although I don't know
if they are accurate for any of the Sunshine kits.
If I am not mistaken, Southern C&F uses the Tichy stanchions- which do
really look nice-, but also seem to be available only in Tichy's Tank
Car Set (formerly Gould). These Tichy stanchions are similar to that
provided with the Vinegar Tank Car kit, while the PSC stanchions have
a slightly longer mounting flange with high relief rivet detailing.

However, the wall thickness of encircling pipe holders are as
follows: 1) Sunshine Vinegar Tank: c. 2.5"; 2) Tichy c. 2.0"; and 3)
PSC 1-1/2". The rivet/bolt detailing on the PSC is superior, with the
Tichy only very slightly behind. The Sunshine stanchions are cookie
cutter plain.

I am sticking with the PSC -lovely parts.

Now (*now*)- and this is new wrinkle just noted on the photos enclosed
with this ever-challenging car kit: None of the handrail stanchions
along the sides of the car are actually mounted on the tank directly.
They are instead all bolted directly on to strategically placed rod
tighteners with plain pipe holders of stanchions that look like none
of the above! Of course, there is no note of this in the directions;
Although -with thought- such mounting makes sense, now -again, within
sight of completion, the kit builder faces yet another unexpected
demand on time, ingenuity, and the drive to replicate the prototype.

Right now, my inclination is to look into mounting the stanchions on
the bands securing the tank to the frame- certainly a common stanchion
mount location on more numerous and less exotic tank cars.

I will see what I might be able to do with parts photos. No promises.


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