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Greg Martin

Schuyler you old wag... #^)

This old wag has glasses but a nice big computer screen as well and when I
popped it up it sure did say New 6-54 on mine and I am pretty damn sure
taxes or not they would want to back date the car for accounting purposes or
any other reason...


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This "wag" would like to point out that the "NEW 6 54" date seems to bear a
very close relationship
to Kurt's answer.


Thanks Kurt. A couple of the usual wags thought they could read
the built date on the car, so it's nice to have actual facts. I'm
sure it would be a waste of time to try to explain to some people
that a "new" date is NOT the same as a build date. NEW is a tax
category that has consequences for equipment amortization and does
not necessarily have anything to do with the construction date.

I'd like to see a roof shot of one of the cars -- I can't recall
seeing hatches exactly like that before.

Tim O'Connor

According to Ed's article in the 9/05 RMJ, ASRX 602-611 were built in
>Apparently a number of the "sugar cars" were delivered without roof
with later installation by the buyer.

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From: Tim O'Connor

Anyone have a build date for these cars? -- there were 11 of
them, this picture is from 1966 but the car is a 1950's version
of the PS-2 2893 and the group is listed in the 1963 ORER. This
photo is from 1966 (appears to have a 1964 paint date).

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