Re: Domino Sugar PS 2893

Tim O'Connor


It's a private car so for whatever reason they stenciled it NEW even
though the car has obviously been repainted. If you can find a photo
of a 12 year old repainted (not rebuilt) railroad owned car stenciled
NEW please share.

In any case, NEW is not BLT -- that's why the built date is located in
a different place and is even part of the current COTS stencil system.
A NEW car is a capital expenditure (i.e. after tax expense), while a
repainted or refurbished car is an expense (i.e. before income taxes).
The IRS was quite strict about when RR expenses could be capitalized.


At 11/7/2009 09:27 PM Saturday, you wrote:
Schuyler you old wag... #^)

This old wag has glasses but a nice big computer screen as well and when I
popped it up it sure did say New 6-54 on mine and I am pretty damn sure
taxes or not they would want to back date the car for accounting purposes or
any other reason...


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