Re: Domino Sugar PS 2893

Greg Martin

Tim and all,

If you would have only made it out to our PMR Meet in Salem Rails by the
River (shameless plug) you would have had an opportunity to get the guided
tour of the SP Brooklyn Roundhouse on Sunday Morning after the event. There
you will find a Union Pacific G-70-10 gondola in what appears to be it's
original paint that was built in 10/64 and still exhibits a NEW 10-64 where
the reweigh date should have shown the car being re-weighed at least every
thirty months or so, as it has been drummed into my head on this list. Well
guess what... what we have is a true museum piece and I don't think that
anyone realizes it.

Mark Kerlick and Stan were there as well and both took shots. Stan was
mostly interested in the NKP Alco PA.

If you would like a shot of the photo let me know and I will send you a
copy, but considering it is beyond the date of this list I don't feel it is
appropriate to post it to the files/photos section. Sorry it's not twelve
years old it is 45 years old and it's private owner is the Union Pacific. So
never say never...

Greg Martin

_timboconnor@comcast.net_ ( writes:


It's a private car so for whatever reason they stenciled it NEW even
though the car has obviously been repainted. If you can find a photo of a 12
year old repainted (not rebuilt) railroad owned car stenciled NEW please share.

In any case, NEW is not BLT -- that's why the built date is located in a
different place and is even part of the current COTS stencil system. A NEW
car is a capital expenditure (i.e. after tax expense), while a repainted or
refurbished car is an expense (i.e. before income taxes).
The IRS was quite strict about when RR expenses could be capitalized.


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