Re: Non-Proto trucks on a Proto 2000 car

I checked one of my P2K tank car kits and found that it does seem to have a 1/8" boss for mounting the trucks, much like Athearn's, so you will have to enlarge the bolster hole on the (old) TMW trucks. I would suggest using either a round file or a #30 drill (.1285").

I'll take this opportunity to announce that I've made some changes to my truck tooling. For one, the hole in the truck bolster is now bigger and solves the above problem. The hole now measures about .130" diameter, which matches that on Accurail trucks.

Also, I have read on this list that the tops of Dalman sideframes were hitting the body bolsters on Red Caboose X29/ARA box cars. If RC had done their tooling accurately, there would have been enough clearance. But since they didn't, I have lowered the Dalman sideframes a little bit so that now, with a washer to raise the body for proper coupler height, I think things will be OK. I don't feel that the lower sideframes are noticable.

I hope these changes help.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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Dean: I have never had a problem using TMW trucks on Proto. I have used
Dalman and Buckeye (AAR Spring Plank) trucks

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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Subject: [STMFC] Non-Proto trucks on a Proto 2000 car

I had forgotten, but Proto 2000 trucks fit differently from most others,
which makes it more difficult to swap in a set of trucks from another
manufacturer. Case in point: I'm trying to use my Tahoe arch bars on a Sun
Oils 10K tank car, but the shoulder on the frame won't allow it without
Do I shave off the shoulder? I think I did that years ago with a Proto 1000
USRA gon (for Andrews trucks) and I don't think I was happy with the
results, too much wobble? (Those were Red Caboose Andrews trucks, and I
wasn't very experienced, so perhaps I could do it better.)
Or, do I modify the trucks by reaming them out to fit shoulder? It appears
to be somewhere between 1/8" and 9/64", but I am loath to buy a special
drill size just to ream out two trucks!
What do you do? Any problems using the Proto trucks on other cars? I think I
remember using them on a F&C CV auto car successfully...

Dean Payne

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