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Bill Vaughn

Sounds good
Bill Vaughn

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Subject: [STMFC] Mini Kit files
Date: Monday, November 9, 2009, 9:20 AM



This should open up a giant can of worms especially since I do not have something to start this idea off.

After the discussions of mini-kits, how about having a mini-kit folder in the files section where members can add information for building specific cars out of different parts? There are so many options for existing kits and it is difficult to keep track of so many different railroads. The format would be the poster's choice, but it could be as simple as a sort of bibliography. Generic example:

PFE R-xx-xx numbers xxxxx-xxxxx
Intermountain xxxx reefer
Stan's xxxx ends
Tahoe TPx trucks
Champ xxx decals
Sunshine Southwest reweigh decals
Polyscale reefer orange 40%, reefer yellow 60%
Tony Thompson's PFE reefer book pp xx-xx
Bob's Photos image xx

This could be an immense help for many of us with, in my case, a CB&Q layout in the midwest, but naturally needing cars from all over.

Thoughts? Ideas? Rotten tomatos?

Eric Mumper

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