Looking for two Sunshine SS kits

Bill Welch

I am looking for two Sunshine kits and wondering if anyone on this
list has examples they have decided not to build and would like to sell.

# 39.7 IGN/NOT&M 40-foot Howe Truss boxcar, wood door, indented
Dreadnaught end, Murphy radial roof

# 57.5 MILW 714000-717199 40-foot Howe Truss boxcar, steel door,
Dreadnaught ends; 1936-fifties complex tilted box decals

I have a duplicate kit # 57.2 Illinois Central 176000 series 40'
single sheathed boxcar kit I can use in trade if desired.

Please contact me at fgexbill@... if interested.


Bill Welch

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