Re: Express box brake system layout

Dennis Storzek

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I'd imagine that the same brake gear could very well have been used. Troop sleepers used two sets of Wabco AB-1-B brake gear. It is similar in appearance to freight AB gear, the only difference being that the control valve was fitted for graduated release to work in passenger trains.

Steve Lucas.
AB equipment is enjoying a certain amount of popularity with tourists railroads these days, using it to re-equip coaches where valve portions, gaskets, and testing services for the original equipment have become either exceedingly expensive or nonexistent. It works well enough. I've never bothered to ask if they are setting it up as the 1-B graduated release variant; not really a problem if the majority of other equipment has P equipment, which isn't graduated release either.

The one visible difference with the AB-1-B valve is a second "wig-wag" valve similar to the bleed valve; this second valve only bleeds the cylinder, rather than the whole brake system as on the freight version. The illustration of an AB valve Gene Green published in his brake equipment handout a couple years ago is actually an assembled AB-1-B valve, and has this second bleed valve. I've never thought to look to see if both valves are rodded to the outside of the car, or which of the two is.


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