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Ted Schnepf

Hi Clark,

As you are modeling a medium sized city, Mason City Iowa. The LCL car could have many dozens of packages to unload each day and would delay the through freight too long. So the car would be set out and the switch crew would spot it at the freight house.

If you were modeling Ackley, Iowa, a small town further south on the MStL, the LCL car would be on the way freight and there the wayfreight crew would wrestle off the packages. the size of the town and amount of LCL business affects the delivery scheme.


At 03:28 PM 11/5/2009, you wrote:
I'm about finished with a trailer to set by my freight house just like the big boys did. The company trailer advertizes "Dependable Daily Service"

There's a photo of Bill Daranby's layout in an ad on page 101 of the latest MR.
Behind the engine is a 'Rider' car and next, with doors open, is a company box car with LCL. The idea is that the crew drops and/or picks up packages at the stations along the way.

My current plan is we have an Eastbound LCL car set out by the through freight. The switch crew spots it at the freight house and blocks the car that was at the freight house for the next EB to pick up. I need to do the same with a west bound car.

What we have is Bill's plan of just stopping for a few minutes for LCL verses my idea of having a car spend 24 hours in one town's freight house.

Are both of they plans correct? If one or both are not. How would LCL be handled between stations and freight houses?
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