Re: Modeling LCL

rockroll50401 <cepropst@...>

Thanks Ted, that is my thought and ops plan. I have photos from the thirties with several cars spotted at the freighthouse.
Clark Propst

--- In, Ted Schnepf <railsunl@...> wrote:

Hi Clark,

As you are modeling a medium sized city, Mason City Iowa. The LCL car
could have many dozens of packages to unload each day and would delay
the through freight too long. So the car would be set out and the
switch crew would spot it at the freight house.

If you were modeling Ackley, Iowa, a small town further south on the
MStL, the LCL car would be on the way freight and there the
wayfreight crew would wrestle off the packages. the size of the town
and amount of LCL business affects the delivery scheme.


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