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kenneth broomfield

I have a sand blasting cabinet that I use with my auto restoration. Can I use that to blast HO freight cars? Would I have to change the sand out to what you guys use? I have heard of grit blasting but am not very familer with how fine the grit is. Would the sand blasting cabinet be just a booth and use another thing to clean the cars?
Kenny Broomfield

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Richard Hendrickson wrote

Don't have a grit blaster? Go get one. Those of us who have them
regard them as an absolutely essential modeling tool, on a par with
a good air brush.
In addition, I recently bought a Badger "air eraser" kit (just a
bottle with some grit and a tip) and I have hooked this up with my
grit booth. I find I can safely remove small amounts of lettering
with very fine control, and I've even started using it as a
weathering tool. For example, I use it to "whiten" freight car
lettering which I have hit a little too hard with grime. In another
case I had a box car with a primer coat of "galvanized metal" color
and an overcoat of box car red. I was able to remove some of the top
layer so the galvanized color showed through. Very cool!

I "paint" trucks only rarely. I grit blast, wash them, and hit them w/
alcohol washes (india ink, rust, etc). They come out great. Sometimes
I go back over with Floquil dry brush to show oil spills, etc.

Tim O'Connor

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