Re: Painting Trucks

David North <davenorth@...>

I have a sand blasting cabinet that I use with my auto restoration. Can I
use that to blast HO freight cars? Would I have to change the sand out to
what you guys use? I have heard of grit blasting but am not very familer
with how fine the grit is. Would the sand blasting cabinet be just a booth
and use another thing to clean the cars?
Kenny Broomfield

Are you saying you use sand for blasting auto parts??

That is REALLY dangerous to your health.

I use 150 alum oxide for car parts blasting, at full unregulated pressure
from my compressor.

That will leave a rough finish on a plastic model. (As me how I know <g>)

For model blasting I use a Badger 260. The instructions say to operate at
30psi and never exceed 80psi.

Badger provide 220 grit alum oxide for the abrasive blaster.


Dave North

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