Re: Painting Trucks

Denny Anspach <danspach@...>

Paint will NOT adhere well to shiny,
slick engineering plastics (the types typically used for trucks). Grit
blasting abrades the surface, creating microscopic cracks and crevices
and other surface anomalies into which the paint will flow to aid

This is true, real time, in my own experience, it proves to
be an issue have absolutely no bearing on what actually occurs in the
context of everyday experience.

Much of the engineering plastic that we paint are in small parts with
relatively high relief and with small surfaces, i.e. truck frames; and
although the paint probably probably does not undergo true surface
adherence, the dried paint film does seem to have enough mechanical
grip on and about the interstices and projections of the detailing
that peeling paint is simply not a problem.

I have been routinely painting all trucks and wheels with Floquil
permutations (Rail Brown, weathered black, etc. ) by hand mostly,
occasionally with air brush, for the past 16 years, initially in
ignorance of the engineering plastic/paint adherence issues. Well,
these years later, not a single paint problem has shown up- not one.
I just painted several truck pairs yesterday.

I do have a blast cabinet, (aluminum oxide) and it is admittedly quite
underutilized for many modeling chores that probably would be of
benefit to me. Blasting plastic trucks to hold paint is not one of


Denny S. Anspach MD

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