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     I might be confused here.  I have a couple of the Ambroid cylindrical hoppers and they definely are in regular Ambroid boxes.  I think I know the tank car you are talking about and I can't recall the manufacturer at present but will find out.
     There was a Scale Craft Engineering that released an Ambroid/Northeastern/Quality Craft type TTX Finger Rack flat car.  They had one other release that doesn't come to mind but I have at least one.  I never attempted to build the two Finger Racks I have.  Someday maybe I'll substitute plastic for wood.
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There was another manufacturer of Ambroid freight car kits - Scalecraft


They had kits for a cylindrical NYC covered hopper and a large tank car. Kits had many more soft metal castings than most of the Ambroid kits. Al lthe casting I saw warped.


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