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I don't recall the Madewell name. Perhaps I was inattentive but, as I said, the model is packed for moving. I had a habit of saving kit instructions and "filing" (or piling?) them together. Haven't come across that stack so far in the moving process and I really can't remember how I saved them or where. Wish I could dig them out and see which names are on my various Northeastern and Ambroid kit instructions.
Gene Green

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I have a blue box Ambroid kit no. K-14 is a "C.P (Canadian Pacific) 8-Hat Reefer". The instructions say that the kit was designed and manufactured by Madewell Company, Inc., 15 Main Street, Waltham 54, Massachusetts. The instructions also give that firm as the source for spare parts, Is this name a predecessor or subsidiary of Ambroid or Northeastern (both of whom seemed to have had the same kit at different times)?

Ken Montero

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There is an article in the June 1940 Ry Mechanical Engineer beginning on page 211 about CN refrigerator cars with overhead ice bunkers and 8 htches. These are all-steel, 4/5 square-corner Dreadnaught ends, hinged doors, Dalman trucks, and Ajax hand brakes. The CN built 100 with the first one completed in October 1939.

Way back when there was a Northeastern or Ambroid model of such a reefer as I now recall. I have one but it is packed for moving. My recollection is that the model had wood sides. Does anyone remember this model? Was it of a CN or CP prototype?

Gene Green
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