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Kurt Laughlin <fleeta@...>

I agree Denny. Some sort of "vinyl" is used in armor kits for rubber tires and tank tracks and many people have trouble painting them because they must flex to be installed. I did at first as well until I learned to simply give the parts a good scrubbing with dish detergent and an old toothbrush, a good scrubbing rinse, and an air dry. (I do this to the entire model actually.) Only once did I still have a problem. In that case, I washed and scrubbed off the paint, wiped the parts thoroughly with mineral spirits, then re-did the wash cycle. To be extry sure, I used an enamel base color coat rather than my usual acrylic (I never use primer.) No problemo.


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From: Denny Anspach

Much of the engineering plastic that we paint are in small parts with
relatively high relief and with small surfaces, i.e. truck frames; and
although the paint probably probably does not undergo true surface
adherence, the dried paint film does seem to have enough mechanical
grip on and about the interstices and projections of the detailing
that peeling paint is simply not a problem.

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