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kenneth broomfield

What Kind of chemical paint "stripper" is best?
Kenny Broomfield

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Yes, we use paint stripper to strip entire models. Grit blasting
puts an "etch" on slippery plastics that make them far easier to
paint. Chemical stripping is intended to be harmless to the plastic
including not etching it. Grit blasting transforms shiny metal
etched running boards into beautifully "galvanized" pieces of metal.
It can be used very selectively on small areas of a finished model.
And it can thoroughly remove stubborn bits of paint on delicate
parts that remain after chemical stripping. It's an invaluable tool
as Richard said.

Tim O'Connor

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Why is this grit blasting superior to say some kind of paint stripper? Also, what kind of paint stripper works best for taking a model all the way down to bare plastic or brass?
Kenny Broomfield

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