Re: Nov 15, 1957

Tim O'Connor

I recall a news photo of one of the monster N&W coal trains in
a contemporaneous issue of Trains magazine. I think N&W was just
trying to push the edge of the envelope... Obviously it didn't
work out that well, but BNSF and UP today regularly run 20,000 ton
trains safely, for very long distances.

Makes me wonder how fast diesels would have taken over if work
rules simply specified a 12 hour day without any mileage limit.
Clearly with a mileage limit there was a powerful incentive to
run trains more slowly and with heavier tonnage. Still true today.


At 11/13/2009 05:54 PM Friday, you wrote:
I just came across this note in reference to Nov 15th.

"1957 - Longest and heaviest train (500 coal cars, 4 miles long, 42,000
tons) hauled by Norfolk and Western Railroad between Iager, West Virginia
and Portsmouth, Ohio".

500 cars? Really? If true, why not 5 sections?

Dave Nelson

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