Chicago & Illinois Midland Mather Cars(?)

gary laakso

Morning Sun Books new work on the C&IM has a July, 1960 picture at page 121 of 2 forty foot boxcars, 500 and 501, that appear to be Mather cars now with welded side sheets, retained wooden doors and wooden end beams over metal sheeted ends. The caption offers no assistance identifying the cars: "Although superficially similar to the 8000 series Mather box cars the C&IM leased for may years, the two cars are dimensionally different in every dimension except the width of the door (6ft.). The 500 series cars appeared on the roster after the Mather car lease expired in July of 1956. Numbered 500 to 506, they were 40' long with a 40 ton capacity. Rebuilt from older composite cars, they retained their wood doors.....The cars were used for LCL service to local stations along the mainline." The trucks cannot be identified in the dark shadows under the car.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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